'Seven Week Package'

Complete Health and Wellbeing Transformation Plan. Designed for your specific dietary and lifestyle needs to acheive your desired health goals or treat and reverse health conditions.

Are you looking to optimise overall health and wellbeing and learn new evidence based cooking, eating and lifestyle habits for prevention and reversal of health conditions, weight management or achieve specific health goals?

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“Every bite can be your poison or your medicine”

Included in your health coaching package

The ‘Thrive Over 40 Method’ includes

  • Evidence based holistic dietary and lifestyle plan based on Lifestyle Medicine, (How to eat better, move more, stress less, sleep better, love and socialise more and avoid risky substances), Culinary medicine principles and other natural tips / tools, as well as strategies on how to achieve your goals
  • Personalised nutritional plan and receipies for specific health goals or reversal of health conditions
  • 3 days jump start meal plan
  • Self care strategies
  • Weekly or fortnightly video or in-person consultations
  • Regular phone / email support between sessions
  • Suggestions for health material from world leading health experts
  • Nutrition, lifestyle and mindset - private and public health coaching service. (online or in person, while walking, at gym or while preparing healthy meals)
  • Medicinal and health promoting private cooking classes. “Re-Design your kitchen and your health by using food as Medicine”
  • CHEF SERVICE: Your very own private chef service providing medical and health promoting meal plan.

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