Hello, I’m Linda Halldorsson

Global Holistic Health and Wellness Coach,
Lifestyle Medicine Specialist,
‘The Medicinal Chef Goddess’,
Founder for Longevity Six
based in Reigate, Surrey and London, UK

I’m passionate about empowering and teaching individuals over the age of 40 how to

Get well, live longer, look younger, lose weight and feel your best!

Discover higher quality of life and complete wellbeing

For example I specialise in;

    Natural and effective solution based on health promoting nutrition, lifestyle and mindset to slow ageing, fight disease and manage healthy weight without yo-yo dieting and deprivation.
    “How to reach 100 with health and stamina of a 40-year-old”
    How to slow down the ageing process and live a long live while improving overall health and reversing health challenges.
    How to balance body functions to reach complete wellbeing and healthy weight.
    without yo-yo dieting and and deprivation.
    Preventative health care / lifestyle. How to lead healthy lifestyle to prevent illnesses, weight gain, obesity and premature ageing.
    Prevention, treatment and reversal.

Re-designed your kitchen and your health


If you are looking to learn new delicious and nourishing meals designed by Linda, for your specific health condition or health goals, I will provide a  bespoke service that fits to your needs and schedule.

One to one in your own kitchen or group cooking classes teaching you the fundamentals on how to prepare and cook healthy dishes and use food as Medicine.

I can teach you the skills and techniques that stay with you forever.

Your Very Own Private Chef Service Providing Medicinal And Health Promoting Meal Plan

Fresh, healthy and tasty cooking in your own kitchen.
If you are looking to outsource high quality ingredients that are designed to your dietary and health goals or  use it as a fast recovery nutritional programme. I am providing a private chef service,  freshly prepared meals, free from harmful and toxic ingredients and additives.

Longevity Six Dietary Eating Style Stands For…

Whole natural unprocessed food, nutrient rich, organic, seasonal and locally sourced. Home cooked from the scratch. Weekly batch cooking. High in superfoods.

SUITABLE FOR: Carnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, RAW, gluten/sugar and unhealthy oils free, allergens free, selected nutrition for fast recovery.

Longevity Six Medicinal Teaching Kitchen Use

Fruit & vegetables, raw nuts & seeds, gluten free whole grain, legumes, organic free- range eggs, meat, fish, wild meat, herbs and superfoods.

Longevity Six Signature

Thrive over 40 Method

Ultimate wellness transformation guide. Evidence based nutrition, lifestyle and mindset method for health of excellence.

Some of the health benefits and aliments you can improve with this method.

  • Improve your digestion!
  • Balance your blood sugars.
  • Boost your energy levels and immunity.
  • Regulate your hormones.
  • Promotes slow ageing and longevity.
  • Reduce inflamation, aches and pains.

View the Longevity Six Health Packages

Longevity Six focus on these

Health Conditions

  • Bones, joints and muscle health (Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Tennis Elbow)
  • Menopause
  • Healthy weight management without yo-yo dieting and deprevation
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Body detoxification / fasting
  • Optimal metabolism

Longetivity Six Wellness:
My Approach

I am committed to supporting you to reach your desired goals and the best optimal health, energy, youth and longevity.

My approach is to identify the root cause of your health concerns by asking you to fill in the Health History Form and by our initial consultation I will provide an action plan, naturopathic tips and strategies to treat them and reach your desired goals.

By finding physical, mental and emotional imbalances we can addres and adopt new health promoting dietary cooking and lifestyle habits and recommendations.

Conventional medicine often focuses on mainly disease and using “a pill for every ill”. I take a different approach. I view the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independant organs that should be divided up by medical specialists.

To put it simply, I treat the “Whole Person” not just the symptoms.

I provide safe, non-judgemental and confidential space that offers lifelong success in wellness.

The Longevity Six Signature

The Medicinal Diet and Kitchen

Smart evidence based nutrition, cooking and eating guide.

Food and recipies that are designed for the client to feed their nutritional and dietary needs to acheieve specific health goals or treat and reverse health conditions, weight management and diabetes.

What is the medicinal diet?

  • Real, unprocessed whole foods, nutrient dense, high in plant based and Raw living foods.
  • Organic and ideally seasonal and locally grown.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-diesease eating style.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables, raw huts and seeds, gluten free whole grains, superfoods, legumes, beans and lentils, herbs and spices, sea vegetables, sprouts, optional high quality animal product

What you can learn?

  1. Top 15 Toxic and top 15 health foods
  2. Principles of optimal nutrition
  3. How to cook and eat healthily
  4. How to redesign your kitchen
  5. How to weekly batch cook
  6. Weekly shopping list and pantry staples
  7. Home made remidies
  8. Healthy home made kitchen staples
  9. Jump start 1 to 3 day menu


Lifestyle Medicine Six Principles

“The future of healthcare and the first line of defence”

“Lifestyle Medicine treats the real underlying cause of diesease”

How can I help?

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