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My name is Linda. I am a qualified Holistic Health Coach, Nutritional therapist, Lifestyle medicine specialist and Medicinal Chef. I am also founder of Longevity Six.

How I work

My passion is to empower, teach and guide clients, over the age of 40, to get well, feel and look great naturally and effectively for long term health. I’m combining several Holistic modalities and using a comprehensive “Whole body” approach to help clients achieve the best health and longevity possible.

I use, in my bespoke health program, a combination of evidence based Lifestyle medicine six pillars such as : Therapeutic nutrient anti-inflammatory diet, regular physical activity, stress management, sleep & rest, love & social connection, minimising risky substances / body toxicity. I also incorporate wisdom of Culinary medicine, Functional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine .

I believe this approach is the most effective and sustainable to re-balance and rejuvenate all body systems, optimise overall health and well-being and the prevention of getting ill and gaining weight.

My recommendations are not just fad diets or quick fix’s. It’s a lifestyle that once clients learn, it last a lifetime.

I can carry out video consultation via WhatsApp or zoom. Alternatively, I am very happy to consult from the comfort of your own home, office or wherever suits you best.

I also work from the lovely wellness clinics in Godalming, called Surrey Holistic centre of Functional medicine, and from Reigate natural health centre.

I carry out consultations for any health concerns but the following are areas I specialise in:-

  • Therapeutic nutrition, diet and health focused kitchen & cooking. Use of foods, herbs & spices, superfoods, natural supplements as medicine. Foods for specific health conditions or for optimal health.
  • Preventative health care. Adapting health promoting diet and lifestyle to prevent chronic diseases, weight gain, and other ailments and illnesses. Live a long and healthy life without the fear of getting ill and gaining weight.” PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE”
  • Optimal health and wellness over 40. How to achieve the best health possible, ideal weight, rejuvenate and rebuild all body systems and live a long, fulfilled and happy life.
  • I focus on health conditions:
    • Type 2 diabetes, weigh loss/ gain, menopause, sexual health, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, digestive/ gut health, bones, joints and muscle health, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, sarcopenia, cognitive health, depression, anxiety, brain fog, pure concentration.
    • Nutrition and lifestyle for Longevity
    • Nutrition and lifestyle for Anti Aging. How to slow down aging process.
    • Hair, skin, and nail health
    • Self image, style, self care.


  • Health focused private Chef service
  • Health focused cooking classes (In clients own kitchen)


Holistic - Whole body medicine, its system aims to treat whole person, mind, body and spirit, not just disease and symptoms. At the initial consultation I help clients to identify the root causes of their health concern and symptoms they are experiencing and then I create a tailor-made health action plan that is realistic, effective and sustainable.

I teach clients how to adapt to new evidence-based, health promoting dietary and lifestyle habits that help them to reach their desired goals.

With every health package (3 weeks, 7 weeks, 3 months, 6 months) client will receive booklet / pdf of life changing

“BRAND NEW ME” program

A complete health and well-being transformation program for disease prevention, treatment and reversal, weight management, anti-aging and longevity.
Strategies, tips and tools for example:

  • YOUR WHY. Define and express your why you want to take your power and your health back.
  • The real reason why we get sick, tired and overweight.
  • Therapeutic nutrition and diet. Healthy kitchen and cooking. Advice on how to start cooking and eating healthily
  • LIFESTYLE MEDICINE SIX Pillars. Prescription for how to get well and stay well.
  • How to rebalance all body functions
  • 25 best natural therapies and treatments
  • Strategies for ultimate wellness, beauty, self-image, style and longevity.

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