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The Holistic Toolkit for Thriving

Tailored heath action plan and recommendations. Prescriptions for lifestyle medicine:

  1. FREE 'Brand New Me' Wellness book - Complete health and well-being transformation plan - 56 page printable pdf booklet.
  2. A holistic and evidence-based approach to support your overall health and wellbeing journey
  3. A personalised coaching plan and recommendations
  4. Prescription for lifestyle medicine six principles - Advice on; Nutrition, physical, sleep, stress, love and social, minimising and avoiding harmful substances
  5. Nutrition & anti-inflamatory dietary advice
  6. Simple, easy but delicious nutrition dense whole food recipies
  7. 3 days jump start meal plan
  8. Self care strategies
  9. Natural alternative therapies and strategies for complete mind body wellness
  10. Regular phone / email support between sessions
  11. Suggestions for health material from world leading health experts

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